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I hope what you are about to read, will change your perspective, will change your way of thinking, about life, and the world around you, forever…

Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to be exposed to what is considered “outside-the-box” thinking?

For on this day, at this moment, we begin a transformation, a new way of thinking, a new “Mindset”.

If you would, just take a moment and picture yourself.

Picture yourself, in the not-so-distant future, maybe just one year from now, maybe two, maybe only 6 months from now.

Long gone are the days of waking up at 6am to that evil alarm clock.  Some of you might currently be fortunate enough to sleep until 7 or 8am, while some of you wake up even earlier than 6, before the sun has risen.  Those days are gone now, you no longer wake up to an alarm, you awaken when you are ready, when your body has had enough sleep.

With a stretch and a yawn you arise, slip on your pajamas, or shorts, or robe (for those of you who are fancy like that), I personally throw on a pair of black track pants I picked up on sale at Target.  You slip on your slippers, throw on a shirt, and mosey on into the kitchen.

You brew up a cup of hot coffee or tea, and you take that oh so delicious first sip of the day… Mmmm, once it hits your lips, it’s so good.  Maybe you whip up some breakfast, I’m a big fan of breakfast, I think it’s the most important meal of the day, gives me energy and gets me goin’.  I don’t know about you but I whip up some egg whites, some turkey bacon, dice half a tomato, sprinkle on some cheese, and top it off with avocado and a little Tapatio hot sauce, delicious.  Maybe you’re a bagel and cream cheese person or an oatmeal person, whatever you like it’s your vision of yourself in the future you are picturing.

Now your ready to commute to work, so you mosey on over to your “desk” and plop down in front of your laptop

That’s right, you’re there, you’re at the “office”, you just “commuted”, in your pajamas.  The big thing is, there’s no more sitting in traffic, no more burning through gasoline at 4 dollars per gallon, no more tolls, no more standing shoulder to shoulder with random strangers on the bus or subway who have god knows what kind of cold or flu symptoms going on.

Those days are gone.  Think about that for a moment…  No more commuting.

So maybe your in your ergonomic, cushy leather, “office” chair, adjusted perfectly to your height and sitting style, I like to have mine lean way back and I put something under my “desk” so I can put my feet up, just my preference.  But today I’m going to change things up and sit on my couch with my feet up on the coffee table.  Now you get yourself nice and comfortable.  Remember, your on a laptop so feel free to make your couch your office, or the table at your local Starbucks your office, pull up a park bench, lounge chair or maybe you don’t do coffee or breakfast and prefer to go straight to work from bed, it’s your future, you are now location independent so you decide.

Next, you open up your web browser and surf around the web for a bit, see what’s going on in the world, maybe you check the news, or you’re checking out the blogs you follow, the newsletters you subscribe to, your emails, Facebook notices etc.  While you’re doing this your thinking to yourself, coming up with ideas, maybe you jot down some notes etc…  Don’t spend too much time on this as a matter of fact you might want to skip all that and get right to business, the sooner your done work the sooner you get to play, right.

Now the real work begins.  You log into your Blog control panel and you start a new post.  It can be about anything, anything you want to talk about, any topic you like, doesn’t matter, again it’s your future, so write about what it is you want to write about.  Using the basic strategies and techniques you’ve learned, you formulate a nice little blog post.  You fine tune it, check your spelling, make it interesting, maybe you add some images and link to a video, and finally you Post.

Now, you cruise around the web, and in a nutshell tell the world about your blog via all the free Marketing channels available to you.  You can tell your friends and family if you want, but it’s not necessary.  The beauty of the internet is you have access to millions of people around the world that are interested in whatever it is you just wrote about, and who will actually want to read about it.  All you do is spend a little time creating content and putting it out there, out into the abyss of the worldwide web, but in front of those people who are interested.

And Now…  Only an hour or so since you began.  Your done.  Your work for the day is done, you can punch out and drive home now…  Oh wait, you are home, you are at your “desk” in your “office” and you work for yourself, so you don’t punch a clock, because that would be weird…

The days of punching a clock are long gone.

Well now what will you do?  You have the rest of the day to do whatever it is you want to do.  Anything you can imagine.  Think of something, anything at all.  You can go anywhere you want, anywhere in the world, and do whatever it is you want.  Anything at all.  Don’t worry about getting back home to go to work again tomorrow, you have a laptop, you can take it with you anywhere in the world, as long as you can access the internet you can work you can be at your “office”.  You have what is called a Location Independent Income.

So let’s imagine you have enough money to do what ever it is you want.  Money is not an issue, there’s money going into your bank account, your business is open and working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even while you are sleeping.  I guess you could call that a Time Independent Income, it doesn’t matter what time it is you can make money, it doesn’t matter what time it is you can go to work when it’s convenient for you.

While we’re on the independence kick, your audience or customer base is culturally, racially, physically, independent in other words it doesn’t matter who they are, where they are, what they look like, sound like, smell like, or how they act, they can be your customer and they can learn to do this too.

Think about that for a moment…  Think about the possibilities.

Oh and by the way, a good chunk of that money is Residual Income, a direct deposit to your bank account comes in every month, and the more you blog, the more you promote and market your blog, the more that monthly income grows.

Imagine the freedom you’d have, imagine the life you could live if all you had to do was spend an hour per day dedicated to writing a blog post and promoting it, if that blog post made a residual income that grew and grew the more you marketed it.

Now that’s powerful stuff…

Think about that mindset.  Think about that perspective for living.  Think about that lifestyle.

It’s the life you were meant to live isn’t it.  Experiencing true freedom.

You could spend your time doing activities, sports, visiting friends and family, traveling, etc…

All the things that we all actually want to spend our time doing.  Less work more fun, right?

Well what if I told you that is totally 100% possible to do.

What if I told you that thousands of people, scratch that, hundreds of thousands of people are doing just that, and enjoying a wonderful amazing life, living it to their fullest potential, because they are doing this daily right now…

You see, this is the Vision and the Purpose behind Punk The System.

There is a simple system, there are numerous tools and resources available to you, right now, that will guide you so that you can make a very good living online by simply creating blogging content and marketing it.

It’s right here at

You can start NOW, and you can do this part time while you work at your current job.  If you are unemployed, even better, you have more time available that you can dedicate to it, the more time you can dedicate to it the faster you will grow your online presence and income.

And yes anyone can do it!  You don’t need to be a computer genius, you don’t have to be a web designer.  Even if you have trouble surfing the web and finding things, if you are open to learning and willing to dedicate the time, You can do this!  And the results will open up a whole new lifestyle you probably thought was completely unobtainable.

So join me, in my quest to go from a 9 To 5 Cubicle Prisoner to becoming a Location Independent Internet Entrepreneurial Rockstar! (Yes I am Air Guitaring and Head Banging right now…)

Make the decision to get started now.

Take that first baby step, with a little dedication, you can change your vision to your reality.

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~ Matt B.


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