Toolbox For Living As A Location Independent
Internet Entrepreneur


Below is a Toolbox of resources for living the location independent lifestyle as an Internet Entrepreneur or Digital Nomad.


Whether you’re single or married, a parent or grandparent, whether you own a house, rent or are homeless, whether you travel or stay in one place, you will find the information below helpful in obtaining the lifestyle you want while utilizing the freedom and flexibility you can achieve through being an Internet Entrepreneur or Digital Nomad.




What is a Location Independent Internet Entrepreneur or Digital Nomad anyway?


An Internet Entrepreneur is simply an owner or manager of an Internet based business who makes money from said internet business.

Digital Nomads are individuals that leverage digital technology to perform their work duties, and often live their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. They typically work remotely from home, coffee shops, and public libraries and collaborate with teams across the globe. Some location independent professions include Freelance Writers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Software Developers, Photographers, Affiliate Marketers, and some just do odd jobs or freelance work.

* Digital Nomads are sometimes referred to as Expat’s or an Expatriate. An Expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of their upbringing. The name literally means Ex (“out of”) and Patria (“country or fatherland”).

Living Location Independent: You can create an amazing lifestyle of your own that suites your needs by utilizing the various aspects of the lifestyle choices above. Making money through an internet based business allows you the flexibility of earning income from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection available.  This in turn allows you to travel the world while making a living.  You can leverage that income by taking advantage of exchange rates in countries with a low cost of living, for example, if the internet income you receive is in U.S. dollars you can leverage that income by traveling in a country where U.S. dollars can get you more for your money due to the value of the dollar, the low cost of living, and low cost of travel expenses in that country.




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The Empower Network


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 The 5 Foundations

The 5 Foundations, are the 5 basic things you need to have setup in order to make money online and get the income flowing through affiliate marketing.  The 5 Foundations are what I would consider the foundational elements needed to get things started, it is how I am currently setup, and no matter how you make money online knowing and having these 5 Foundations already in place will guarantee you are set up to make money with any online income plan.  In my experience I have found that these 5 things are the necessities and the Foundations for what you will need.  Additional techniques for producing income will always utilize these 5 things and allow you to add additional streams of internet income.

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BLOGS I FOLLOW – These two guys have done it all, from Blogging, to Podcasting, to Content Websites, to Google Adwords, to Google Adsense, to Top Search Engine Ratings, to Keyword Optimization, to Domain Name Optimization.  They took me from being just an Artist with a homemade portfolio website to producing income from Content Niche Sites and Marketing Campaigns.  Its all there on their site and its always current and up to date with the latest thing, if google makes a change these guys tell you why and show you how to make it work for you.  Check out their site and listen to their podcasts. – Best Selling Author Tim Ferris wrote a book entitled “The 4-Hour Workweek” it was the beginning for many Digital Nomad’s and Internet Entrepreneurs. His book is a must read for anyone who is serious about this business and lifestyle.  Anything this guy does is mind opening and shouldn’t be missed, that’s why I follow his blog.  Check out his books in the “Books I Recommend” section below. – A Blog from an experienced Internet Entrepreneur, Writer, Traveler who I can relate to and pull resources from.  This guy has been living abroad as a digital nomad for over 5 years now and his blog is loaded with great resources and information. – This guy is your average guy went to college got his engineering degree and got a job in engineering making an average income.  He started from a similar situation as myself and has now quit his engineering job and is the top earner in the Empower Network. – This guy introduced me to the Empower Network.  He’s a successful Internet Entrepreneur and Marketer.  He is very insightful, very honest & upfront and a great resource. – Travel, Marketing, Growth, & Lifestyle blog from a guy I can relate to who is having success through blogging, he also utilizes Empower Network.




Books I Recommend


! Under Construction At The Moment, Stay Tuned !

Below will be a list of books I have read that have put me on the path to the lifestyle I desire, I would only wish they could do the same for you.



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