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I’ve been thinking about changing the Theme of this here Punk The System blog recently since it’s such an easy thing to do.  I wanted it to have a lighter feel but keep a similar layout, and I wanted to make sure I could incorporate that perfect Mouse Maze Escape header image I have.  The fonts of the Punk The System name were bugging me quite a bit too, and the darkness of the background made it a bit gloomy.  The fonts and the colors of the menus were limited in the Asteroid Theme I was using, and had that retro feel that was getting old.  The fonts of the Punk The System name were something that I had played around with a lot before I found my Mouse Maze Escape header image, as I was trying to come up with a logo-like design.  Well, it’s time to change the Theme, and as for the Punk The System name, I will have to mess around with some new fonts, or design a logo another time, for now, I’ll just keep it simple.

I wanted to make sure the Theme I’d change to had a decent amount of customization, was all setup for SEO, and had the flexibility to display in mobile content.  I was occasionally surfing around trying to find reviews of themes, which was surprisingly hard to find.  All I was able to find were the description and the amount of stars the theme had received from users via the WordPress themes page.  I was looking for something better, a recommendation from a marketer of some sorts, someone to say, “This one, use this theme, it’s optimized the best!” …

I wasn’t in any rush to make the change until I started doing some marketing and felt a bit embarrassed about sending people to it because of how it looked.  Other marketers had nice, clean, streamlined-looking blogs.  So I decided I’d change it as soon as I had the chance.

Well today I had some downtime at work and decided to catch up on some Internet Business info and not even a minute into it this marketing guru guy says to go to Woo Themes and download the Canvas Theme and set it up with WordPress.  Finally!  Exactly what I was looking for a marketing guru to tell me what theme to use.  I paused the video and jumped over to Woo Themes and at the top of the list of themes is the Canvas Theme.  The name says it all, it’s like a blank canvas, and can be fully customized.  I’m looking at the description, and watching the video that shows you how to use it.  I realize it has probably the most options and customization I’ve seen in a theme and it’s optimized to the tee…  Great!  This is the one!  I’ll download it and integrate it into my blog right now!  I look around for the Download Button only to find a Purchase Button, wa wa waaaah.  : (  That is never good…  Come to find out it’s $70.  I’d love to use it, it looks great and all, and I probably will, eventually, but at the moment I’d rather not invest in a theme when I can get one for free, if you’re up for it I’d say go get it or at least check it out.  So, I decided I need to pick up a free theme from WordPress, just one that is optimized, has a bit more customization and a similar layout to my current Asteroids Theme.  I eventually settled on the Twenty Eleven Theme from WordPress.  It’s well optimized, setup for mobile, and has the basic customization options I needed.  So for those of you returning to this site, that is what you see today.  Goodbye Asteroid Theme! Hello Twenty Eleven Theme!

Twenty Eleven Theme


You’ll notice the Mouse Maze Escape Header Image has been modified, the Site Name removed from it, and placed at the top in a simple font.  I added some blur to the header image to give it some depth and put a white fade from the top to incorporate it into the design better.  The rest of the elements like the links and post titles have been set to colors that match the header image and the menus.

It’s like McDonalds…  I’m lovin’ it!

It has a whole new feel and vibe that is fresh and clean.

What do you think?

Time for an official site launch ey…

– Matt