Scrapping YouTube And Making Money Traffic

The video below is what I would consider the perfect example of why you should make YouTube videos.

The man in the video is Mike The Scrapper he is a “Scrapper”, he collects free junk items, takes them apart and sells them as scrap to a scrap yard for a profit.  In the process he records a video and throws it on YouTube.

Now your probably thinking, who is gonna sit there and watch a video of a guy taking apart a weed wacker and selling the metal scraps for a few dollars to a scrap yard?  This guy! (I’m pointing at myself right now).

I was surfing for info on how to take apart my old computer and sell the parts on ebay, I stumbled across a Mike The Scrapper video and next thing I know I’m watching him take apart computers, weed wackers, grills, etc.

Now aside from showing you a very basic simple way of making some money scrapping, in the process “Mike The Scrapper” has created a couple hundred videos and put them on YouTube.

Some videos barely have a hundred views, others hundreds, and others thousands.  Add them all together and this guys has hundreds of thousands of views and might even have millions of views by now, its just a matter of time before he does.

Once you reach a certain amount of views (500 I think) you are able to tie your Google Adsense account to your YouTube account and Google will run ads on your videos and banner ads along side them.  If someone clicks on the ad you make a little spare change.  Which overtime becomes a residual stream of internet income.

Even if you only get clicks from 1% of the people who view your videos, which is probably the lowest you could ever get, 1% of say 100,000 views = 1000 clicks with click payouts ranging from a few pennies to a few dollars that adds up pretty quick even at just 1% but you are more likely to see 10% because the traffic is targeted.

That’s a nice little side income especially considering the fact that you only have to make a video and post it once and it does all the work for you.

Don’t forget that a large percentage of that delicious google targeted traffic going to his videos will likely click the links he put below the video and go to his blog/website and will likely be interested in what he has going on there as well.

This is not only a great side income it is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site and make sales on what you have there.

This is a next step for me, I need to focus on marketing and driving traffic to my blogs through large marketing channels like YouTube…

In this video Mike The Scrapper goes over the basics of posting videos on YouTube and making money this way. Enjoy!

– Matt