Getting Some Header… Image

If any of you are wondering what I use to edit my images, it’s Photoshop, I’ve been using photoshop daily since its inception.  Every image on this site goes thru Photoshop before I post it even if it’s a Google Images snag, it gets manipulated in some way…  If you have any questions about Photoshop feel free to ask.

Update 5/8/13:  Just added a few little touch ups to incorporate the header image into the  new Twenty Eleven Theme design.  Dropped the site name from the image since the fonts just weren’t doing it for me anymore, I’ll keep it at the top in a simple font for now but coming up with a proper logo is next.  I added some blur to the image to give it some depth and threw on a white fade to incorporate it into the blog design

Update 3/19/13:  Just wasn’t feelin it again.  I changed the header design again, I just wasn’t feeling the 2nd design, although I liked it and how I tied the whole site together with it, it just always felt a little too dark and gloomy.  The other day I decided I’d consider switching things up again and while scouring Google Image Search, I came across the image of a mouse escaping what looks like a cubicle maze and it spoke to me, it was just so fitting, so I worked it into a header design.  I like the bright colors, it’s funny, and visually says the concept of this site, I love it, I’ll get to adjusting the theme design to go with it but wanted to get it up there right away it looks great.

Update 3/4/13:  Just wasn’t feelin it.  I not only changed my header design, I just wasn’t feeling the first design and the whole feel of the site, so I did a full make over.  After sitting on it for a while it just didn’t have that polished look I wanted, so I’m still fiddling around with the whole look and feel of the site.  I used some elements from a worn out record sleeve, trying to give it that Punk look but I’m wondering if the Punk look will just turn people away maybe it’s too much, I don’t know, but I like it… for now.

11/18/12: After about 4 attempts, I’ve come up with a Header design I like that I think fits the name and feel I’m trying to achieve with this blog. Of course when I finished the new header image the other day it was the wrong size to fit this WordPress Asteroids theme I am currently using.  I had to redo it’s layout to fit to the correct size, I honestly liked the original version much better, it had a better flow to it but it didn’t fit at all and what I’ve posted is a “commercially acceptable” version of it.  I’m happy with it for now, I’m sure I’ll be changing it little by little over time.  The other versions I created are pretty cool too and I will look into the possibility of a header image that changes or putting in a slide show into the layout, but for now this will do, besides I need to get to finishing all the pages and getting content on here.  I’m the creative type so this will be something I will likely change and update regularly just for shits and giggles.  FYI, most people keep it the same and it definitely isn’t necessary to change at all, I’m just entertaining myself with it.  If you’re not creatively or technically inclined to do this, don’t bother just go with the default theme it will not hinder your blogging success.

For those of you that will get creative what will you do for your header image?  A design, a photo, simple text?  Let me know what you think of my design and what you’re planning on doing for your blog header in the comments below.



Matthew Steven

I’m Officially Disclosed

As of December 1, 2009, the FTC requires bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.

I finished the Disclosure page today.  It was pretty simple, I recommend doing what I did.  I went to a few blogs by some fellow bloggers that I follow on a regular basis, these sites and the people who created them are my inspiration for creating PunkTheSystem.  I found a couple of disclosures that were very similar to each other and had a relaxed vibe to it, what they had wasn’t full of legal terminology and jargon which fit my style.  I look up to these bloggers and feel this is fitting for my site.  So I copied their disclosure statements, combined them, reworded it to fit my writing style and there you have it.  These guys did the same thing for their’s and recommended to me that I do the same, as should you.

Why have a disclosure statement you ask?

First of all it is required if you’re planning on receiving some type of compensation from your blog.  Second, I want to be completely open, honest, and sincere so I feel it is the dignified thing to do.  I don’t want people coming to my site and feeling like they’ve been duped or that I’ve created this site just to impose a sale upon them.  Yes, I do this because I make money doing it, but I only recommend the products I use and know.  Which in turn is the best and easiest way to make a sale, but remember, I do this because of the location independent lifestyle I am allowed to live by making money this way, how I make money from this, allows me to live this way.  I also do this because sharing my knowledge and teaching others is beneficial to me and the people who learn from me.  How many jobs allow you to do things that benefit other people and yourself?  Not too many…

So, that being said, go make yourself a disclosure page, explain to the people coming to your site your true intentions.

Visit My Disclosure Page HERE